The laboratory of simulating (LS) was established on the bases of Ltd. Energovent. The team of the laboratory consists of the designers and developers of the program "MODEN". The first version of the program was designed a few years ago, in 1994-1995th. The majority of the developers of the first version work very successfully in the USA. It was the desire to bring to life all recently appeared ides that inspired us to design a new version of this program in spite of the success of the first one and in spite of the fact that the power models of more than 60 enterprises of the Republic of Belarus were designed with its help. There are only three of us in the LS. We are: Grigory Volov, the team head, and two Dimas, Savchenko and Dolbik, the programmers. Publishing this sight, we would like to draw the attention to our development and to find the supporters of this approach to modeling among experts. As stated before, the program Moden was designed in the LS. It is a unique simulating program. With its help one can design and calculate different power systems and processes in dynamics.

  • The program allows modeling of different power systems, starting from the systems of large enterprises up to thermal-moist processes in the constructions that enclose buildings.
  • The program allows modeling of hydraulic and power processes in the systems of heat supply and heating, including ring distribution systems with piezometricgraphs design. The design of the work of the system of automation is very simple.
  • 3-D modeling of temperature fields in the constructions enclosing buildings can be carried out.
  • The program is fit for carrying out power audits.



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